Organize Your Home for the New Year

It only took five minutes of watching Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up, to realize something had to be done: my house was a mess! Drawers filled with who-knows-what, closets stuffed to the brim, a kitchen that is impossible to find anything—it is officially time to tidy! Believe it or not, this process actually has health benefits; the American Psychological Association says that cleaning up clutter relieves stress. If you need to declutter your house (and destress your life!) follow our tips for organizing your home for the New Year.

Step 1: Get Rid of Things

Whether you want to pick up each item in your house to see if it “sparks joy,” as Marie Kondo would say, or you just want to fill a trash bag with things you know you don’t like or use anymore, getting rid of things is very important. Ask yourself some questions like: “Have I worn this in the last year?”, “When was the last time I used this?” and “Do I still love these decorations?” Chances are, it won’t take long before the excitement of giving things away kicks in—keep in mind, having less stuff will make organizing much easier!

Step 2: Boxes, Bins and Baskets

Instantly transform a cluttered drawer or shelf by putting things in boxes, bins or baskets. This will make it easier to find the items you need, it will look cleaner and it will maximize space. The Container Store at Galleria Dallas has every type of storage option you could possibly imagine, from organizing your shoes to your wine. Begin by stocking up on bins, like the beautiful Water Hyacinth Bins, which are neutral woven bins that can hold towels, toys, books, purses and anything else you need. For desks drawers, vanities, arts and crafts and even kitchen drawers, choose smaller bins and trays, like this set of pretty Rose Gold Wire Drawer Organizers that are perfect for keeping makeup brushes, pencils, clips and other little things in order.

Step 3: Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture and Décor

Staying organized is easy when your home is full of trendy, yet functional furniture and décor! Find multi-purpose pieces that are designed for storage and style in the Corridor. For example, this Marguerite Magazine Holder from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams looks like a fancy piece of art, as it features curved glass inside a round, vintage brass frame. This Massoud Fontaine Tufted Storage Ottaman from Neiman Marcus is another great choice, as no one would ever guess that the classy blue/gray velvet ottoman opens to easily store throw blankets or other items. Finally, these Ming Boxes from Z Gallerie are wooden with a glossy shine in white, gold, orange or blue and feature a unique silver geometric medallion in front. Store some of your stuff in these and make any room look more stylish.

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