Stay in a Glass Igloo in Finland

At Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, you have the amazing opportunity to sleep under the gorgeous stars in the cabin, or igloo, of your dreams. This private hideaway is the perfect place to take in the stunning Lapish wilderness and the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights. Whether you want to get away for a dream vacation or have a picturesque wedding, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is full of adventures for everyone.


There are plenty of accommodations available for guests at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The world-famous glass igloos come in two styles: two-person and four-person. Both include a toilet inside the igloo with showers and saunas located in a separate building. The Kelo-Glass igloos combine the glass igloo with a chalet to create a unique place to stay. Each building holds up to six people, and is equipped with a private sauna, kitchenette, bedroom with a glass roof, and fireplace. The log chalets hold up to ten people and are designed to fit in perfectly with the rugged wilderness. The traditional house is full of the old Lapland lifestyle. It only holds two people, but it is full of authentic charm.

Experiences and Activities

Summer is when the sun never sets in Finland; the weather is a picture-perfect day in and day out. In addition to many of the activities that are open in the autumn months, there are more experiences open to guests. These include taking a day trip to Inari, enjoying the midnight sun, traveling to Northern Norway in a rental car, and whitewater kayaking.

The autumn season is when the Resort opens the Glass Igloos and Kelo-Glass Igloos. It is also the optimal time for outdoor activities for guests. The remoteness and vast landscapes make for many exciting adventures for everyone. Visitors can go on a horse safari, go gold panning, interacting with adorable puppies at the husky farm, visiting the Sami Museum, cruise along the Lemmenjoki River, pick delicious berries and mushrooms, go on an ATV safari, canoe in the wilderness, mountain bike, hike, go fishing, and chase the Northern Lights.

During the winter polar night, or kaamos period, the snow, frost, ice, and twilight all combine to make a magical land. These months offer a new set of activities for visitors including husky safaris, reindeer safaris, riding on snowmobiles through the snow, traveling in a snow tank, riding horses, going on a sleigh ride, go Aurora hunting, ice fishing on Lake Inarinjarvi, skiing, snowboarding, and going on a icebreaker cruise.


Do you wish to have a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience for your wedding? One way to do that is to have the wedding at the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. Whether the happy couple is inviting their entire extended family or just a small circle of close family or friends, Kakslauttanen tailors the services specifically to each couple’s wishes. They create an authentic Lappish venue for the special celebration. Depending on which season the couple wishes to get married, there is a beautifully themed wedding ready for them.

During the spring season, couples are treated to a Midnight Sun Wedding where the sky casts an unforgettable glow over the union. Couples can soak up the beauty of the crystal-clear water and barren banks around them as they sail to the sacred Ukonkivi island, where their intimate ceremony will take place. In autumn, Finland’s leaves and flora change to vibrant shades of yellow, red, and orange. This “Ruska” period of autumnal colors is also the perfect opportunity for the Northern Lights to make an appearance. And last, but certainly not least, the Snow & Aurora Borealis winter wedding transports the happy couple to a fantasy winter wonderland. Arriving at the ice chapel location in a reindeer-drawn carriage, the ice and snow makes for the one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen.

Prices and Booking

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort has two seasons of availability for guests: spring/autumn & winter. The prices vary season to season and depend on not only how many people are staying, but the accommodation itself. That being said, there are more accommodation options available in the winter months. For those wanting to come during Northern Lights season, the last week of August through the last week of April is the ideal period to come. A list of prices and general information is available here.

For those who are looking to have their wedding at the resort, there are plenty of packages and options available to choose from. Please note that the following prices are valid from June 1 2018 – April 30, 2019 and are subject to change in the future. The basic wedding package is € 2206 and includes the Civil Ceremony, wedding coordinator’s service, witness fees, basic decoration of the wedding venue with candles and flowers, table reservations for the reception, 2 marriage certificates, and organizational and coordination fees. The vow renewal package is € 976 and includes the ceremony, organizational and coordination fees, local assistance, certificate, basic decoration of the venue with the flowers and candles, and a special table at evening dinner.

The venue, depending on the building you choose, ranges in price from € 589 for Santa’s Home (West Village) to € 1401 for the Snow Chapel (East Village). It is important to note that while Wooden Chapel, Santa’s Home, and Glass Teepee are available year-round, the Snow Chapel is always weather dependent and usually ready by early January. For more price information, check out the wedding info. page.

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