What To Do In Argentine, Patagonia

For a getaway featuring mountains, beautiful lakes and vast skies, book your ticket to Argentine, Patagonia in South America. It’s a haven for nature lovers who want to get out there and explore the area’s beautiful landscape. The area includes hundreds of thousands of square miles, so if you don’t know where to start your itinerary, check out these three spots. They are the perfect combination of great sights, fun activities and lots of destinations that will give your family memories they won’t soon forget.

Argentine Lake District

For views at every turn, head to the Argentine Lake District featuring impressive peak, white rapids and picturesque lakes. Tourists can either hike the area, bike the nearby trails, kayak over the waters or horseback ride through the rivers. It doesn’t matter which adventure you choose, each one promises a beautiful environment and a chance to take in the great outdoors.

Perito Moreno Glacier

The largest national park in the area, Los Glaciares National Park, boosts a load of real live glaciers. But one of the biggest attractions of the area is the Perito Moreno glacier. It’s a great place to grab some beautiful pictures with the glacier shining against the nearby lake and mountains. It’s something that you truly won’t forget after you head home from your travels.

Tierra del Fuego

Located on the southernmost tip of South America lies Tierra del Fuego. It offers beautiful views into what is often called “the uttermost ends of the Earth.” While you are there taking pictures, keep an eye out for penguins. That’s right – lucky tourists can actually see these birds in their natural habit depending on the time of year. So waddle over to your computer, and book your trip for your chance to see these beautiful creatures up close.

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