EarthWater Partners with PURE for Distribution

EarthWater CEO, CJ Comu and PURE CEO, Daren Hogge

In September, EarthWater Limited signed an agreement with PURE: People United Reaching Everyone for global distribution of EarthWater products. EarthWater is a company based in the United Kingdom with headquarters in Addison, Texas. Located in Frisco, Texas, PURE is a multimillion-dollar nutritional wellness company celebrating 10 years of business in 2018. EarthWater manufactures high-alkaline mineral-infused beverages and health supplements for distribution, produces PURE’s health and wellness products and offers business opportunities in the United States, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.

“PURE celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and we are ecstatic that 2018 is turning into one of our best years in history,” PURE CEO Daren Hogge said. “We are excited about this partnership with EarthWater. Their products fit perfectly in our hydration and nutrition categories and uphold our mission to deliver products based on the best of science and nature.”

EarthWater is equally excited about this new venture. The company’s goal is to help people live their healthiest lives through trace minerals and life-changing opportunities. EarthWater motivates individuals to think about the water they drink. EarthWater is 100 percent natural alkaline water that boosts and helps redevelop the immune system, maintains nutrient levels in the body’s cells, reduces stress and enables more restful sleep while improving memory and analysis skills.

”EarthWater is excited about this amazing relationship with PURE — an innovative, strong, established and global direct sales company,” EarthWater President Cash Riley Jr. stated. “Our goal is to have people try the product and share the product. EarthWater’s mission statement is to help change and improve people’s lives.”

PURE is a health and wellness distributor that strives to provide safe, effective and top-of-the-line products to support personal health goals. PURE is devoted to empowering others to become the best versions of themselves. Together, PURE and EarthWater can help change your lifestyle. With our busy lives, often it’s hard to take the time to care for ourselves. When it comes to your health, it’s time to put yourself first. Whether it’s giving your body the fuel and nutrients it needs or practicing healthy habits for good mental clarity and physical condition, be proactive today for total body wellness. For more information on how PURE can help you, visit this webpage.


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