Brookhaven College Provides Job Skills to Corridor-Based Workers

It’s almost the end of the year, which is the perfect time to ask yourself some tough questions. Do you like your job? How can you become better qualified for the job you want? The answer to the second question is easy—Brookhaven College’s Workforce and Continuing Education Division offers individuals in the Corridor affordable, short-term, focused classes for job skills, which can help them update and change to meet the demands of the job market. In other words, it’s exactly what you need to jumpstart your career.

“Our Workforce and Continuing Education Division is a lot more than community education,” explained Meridith McLarty, director of marketing and creative services for Brookhaven College. “Its focus is on helping adults learn the skills they need for their careers, whether they need to update their skills for a better position or earn an industry credential to get started in a new job. We respond to the needs of our students and our community. If we see a demand for a type of training, we will find an expert and build a class to meet that need.”

Individual and corporate training programs are available for all students and for businesses of all sizes. At Brookhaven College, you will find quality courses for all ages and skill levels, flexible scheduling, industry-recognized certifications, cost-effective programs and online and classroom training options.

There are also many types of classes available, including corporate training solutions, health care careers, small business entrepreneurship and tax preparation and accounting among others. In addition, businesses who want to create a customized training to upgrade their employees’ skills can do so in an affordable and flexible way.

“We will build a curriculum tailored to that business’ needs,” said McLarty. “Most recently, the Texas Workforce Commission awarded a grant to the college in partnership with Thomson Reuters Applications, Inc., for a two-year project to support customized training, which will total $910,800.”

There is currently no specific entrance or examination requirements to take Workforce and Continuing Education courses at Brookhaven College, although some courses will require prerequisites and placement requirements when appropriate. The minimum age for enrollment in classes is 18-years-old, unless specified. These classes are all offered on a noncredit basis, meaning no college credit will be given.

Taking charge of your career, furthering your education and becoming a more skilled worker has never been easier. Contact the Workforce and Continuing Education Division Office at 972-860-4600 today to get started.

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