Touring Through Tel Aviv

Old town of Jaffa and the modern skyline of Tel Aviv city on sunrise, Israel.

As one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Tel Aviv has no shortage of experiences waiting for excited travelers. Home to a rich cultural history, stunning beaches, UNESCO recognized majestic architecture, delicious cuisine, and warm and welcoming people, Tel Aviv is a fantastic place to visit.

What to Do

The stunning beaches in Tel Aviv are a great place to have fun in the surf or relax in the warm sun. One of the oldest port cities, Jaffa, is home to ancient architecture and a diverse neighborhood full of cafes, restaurants, and street life. Theaters, concert halls, cinemas, museums, and dance centers dot the city’s landscape. Tel Aviv is a very welcoming and warm place to visit and the locals are happy, carefree people.

In addition to all the adventures inside the city, Tel Aviv is also a great place to spend the night and take days trips to the rest of Israel. Only an hour away is the Holy City, Jerusalem, a place full of religious history and culture. Also close by are the Dead Sea and the famous desert fortress Masada.

What to Eat

A foodie city through and through, Tel Aviv has plenty of tasty cuisines from around the world due to its immigrant rich culture. Local foods that travelers have to taste include sabich, an eggplant sandwich with tons of toppings, hummus masabacha, hummus with whole chickpeas, tahini, and paprika, and kanafeh, a Palestinian dessert pastry of cheese soaked in syrup. Even better? Israeli food is known for being pretty healthy with fresh fruits and veggies, goat milk, and local fish so you’ll be getting tasty food while not having to watch what you eat.

There are specific areas that visitors can go to depending on their carvings and budget. For those who like food specializations and are okay with spending a little, Santa Katarina near the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street or Port Said are perfect. High-end food makes it home in Taizu and hummus lovers should head to Ali Karavan, or Abu Hassan, in Jaffa.

What to Shop For

There is no lack of places to shop and items to buy in Tel Aviv. A recent boom in the beer and wine industry has made Israeli alcohol a top seller. With over 200 wineries and 100 craft beers to choose from, no one will be without something to satisfy their palette. Many artists and crafters make their home in Tel Aviv as well. They sell anything from quirky gifts and handmade jewelry such as Hebrew name necklaces to stunning photographs and detailed souvenirs. Visitors can also shop for rare Hebrew literature as well. All of these goods can be found at various shopping areas of the city such as Jaffa flea market, Sheinkin Street, Azrieli Center Mall, Kikar Hamedina and the Ramat Aviv Mall, and Dizengoff Center Mall.

Where to Stay

Deciding where you want to stay in Tel Aviv depends on what your style is. The different areas each have their own distinct characteristics and personalities. Tel Aviv is a small city, so no matter where you stay, you will not be far from the action. 90% of the city’s hotels are in an area that can be crossed in 10-15 minutes by car. The Tayelet (beach strip) is for folks who love the beach and/or high-end accommodations. Ideal for those who love either waking up to a beautiful sunrise or falling asleep to a breathtaking sunset, Tayelet has 4- and 5-star Israeli and international chain hotels. The White City area, also known as the heart of the city, is known as the nightlife, cultural, and culinary hub of Tel Aviv. With its smaller, boutique and design style hotels, this is the area to be if you like to being close to the action. Visitors looking for a “small city” feel will love historic Jaffa. As the oldest part of the city, Jaffa’s hotels are close to ancient buildings and open-air flea markets. With these choices, you are sure to have a great time in Tel Aviv. Happy travels!

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