Take a Trip to Grenada

St. George’s, Grenada market scene in the famous St. George’s market, located in the center of the city. 

If you travel down south, past the the temples of South America, through the colorful towns of Puerto Rico, you’ll hit a Caribbean island known as the “Spice of the Caribbean,” Grenada. Grenada offers a variety of authentic activities and plenty of foods to eat. From the white beaches, to the coral reefs, you will not be disappointed when you visit this island.

Things to do

The island of Grenada offers a variety of things to do for tourists of all ages. Art museums are abundant in Grenada, but the one you have to visit is the Underwater Sculpture Park. This unique art exhibit experience takes you underwater to witness reef-like sculptures that very much reflect the Grenada culture. If you are more into being on top of the water, then try your hand at sport fishing.  If you like to fish, the island offers everything from international fishing competitions to deep-sea excursions. And if you would like to stay on land, there are plenty of sights to see when you book a hiking tour.


After you get your activities in for the day, take a walk or a bike, around the island and you’ll find plenty of local shops to choose from. Grenada is known for their rums and nutmeg, so shops will have plenty of rum and nutmeg themed items for you to choose from.

Places to eat

There is an abundance of food for you to choose on throughout your trip. From culinary masterminds to unforgettable eating experiences, to roadside vendors, Grenada has it all! Each dish is made with herbs and spices that are found throughout the island, so you know you’re eating something authentic.

Where to stay

There is a wide range of accommodations for you to choose from when planning your stay. You can choose from staying in a private villa overlooking the ocean, or a resort from massages and private pools included, or even some self-catered apartments to help live like the locals. Grenada has it all!

Hope this was helpful in planning your next trip to Grenada! Happy Travels!


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