Solis Mammography Offers More Comfort During Mammograms

Everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – but have you actually gone for your annual mammogram yet? If not, what’s stopping you? Corridor-based Solis Mammography knows one reason many women forego this necessary test: it hurts like crazy! That’s why they offer SmartCurve technology, which provides 93 percent more comfort to customers!

Solis Mammography is the first clinic in Dallas to offer SmartCurve technology, which it provides in 22 centers located in North Texas. In fact, Solis Mammography is the largest provider of SmartCurve technology, which is a new breast imaging technology designed specifically for the curvature of the female breast to provide every woman with a more comfortable and accurate mammogram.
Stephen Rose, M.D., Solis Mammography’s director of clinical research, was one of the pioneers in partnership with Hologic to develop SmartCurve technology.
“For decades, Solis Mammography has been shaping the future of mammograms in both the imaging technology innovation, as well as the entire experience for women,” said Rose in a recent press release. “We’re celebrating women this month by launching SmartCurve technology in all of our centers nationwide. We’re continually thinking ahead of the curve to deliver the best breast wellness experience for women. And we’re activating the conversation around the topic through our Every Woman campaign to offer women a safe platform to talk about breast health and body image as part of their self-care regimen.”
SmartCurve technology has a curved compression surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast, making it comfortable and accurate. It also integrates 3D technology to make it even more accurate, which reduces calls back for negative-positives up to 37 percent and increases early detection of breast cancer by 54 percent.
“Our goal at Solis Mammography is to provide a better mammogram experience,” said James Polfreman, chief executive officer, in the press release. “We’re a national leader in breast wellness, and we want to eliminate the fear and uncertainty for every woman with their mammogram experience. Coupled with our warm and welcoming centers, our SmartCurve technology improves the entire mammogram experience so that women will want to incorporate this important breast health screening into their regular self-care regimen.”
Solis Mammography is the nation’s largest independent provider of breast screening and diagnostic services, with more than 50 centers around the country. They have been helping women achieve and maintain breast health and peace of mind for more than 30 years and more than 5 million procedures. As a pioneer and innovator in 3D mammography and an architect and early advocate of Smart Curve, Solis Mammography has stayed at the forefront of breast health by continuing to deliver a better experience and more accurate mammogram to the generations of women served.
 If you want to support Solis Mammography (and your own health!), schedule your annual mammogram today and use the hashtag #DitchTheSquish to inform your friends and followers. You will never regret taking care of yourself and helping your loved ones do the same!

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