Roy Salley CEO of Oakwood Bank

With more than 30 years of banking experience under his belt, Roy Salley has proven time and time again that he is a successful businessman. As the chairman of the board, president, chief executive officer and interim chief credit officer of Oakwood Bank and of Oakwood Bancshares, Inc., Salley works every day to help business owners in the North Dallas Corridor find success financially.

Salley was featured in the Personality section of our June/July PCB – Platinum Corridor Business Magazine (formerly known as the NDB – North Dallas Business Magazine), regrettably with his name spelled incorrectly. He was chosen to be interviewed because of his experience and knowledge from chartering and capitalizing two banks that achieved and maintained profitable operations and grew organically through successful acquisitions.

“I believe management revolves around hiring really good people, empowering them to run their departments and holding them accountable,” Salley stated in his interview with PCB in June. “Part of my job as CEO is to help guide and direct that, help them with issues, personnel or likewise, and I get a lot of reward out of seeing those people progress in their careers.”

In 1998, Salley’s banking career started. He formed First Mercantile Bank, N.A., in Dallas, which reached $100 million in total assets at the end of the first year and was profitable within six months of its opening, according to Salley’s website. In 2002, Colonial Bank acquired the bank and Salley stayed on as CEO of Colonial Bank’s Texas operations, where he helped its total assets grow to $850 million. In 2003, he headed an organizing group that chartered Sovereign Bank in Dallas and served as chairman of the board and CEO, again making the bank profitable within six months. In 2010, Salley became managing director for the Investment Banking division of Commerce Street Capital. In 2013, he joined Spirit of Texas Bank in College Station and helped raise $12 million in capital.   

In his current job at Oakwood Bank, Salley has many goals for the future. These include reaching $300 million in assets by the end of 2018, which would be a significant growth crease and increase from the six million the bank started with in October 2017. Right now, Oakwood has approximately 300 shareholders in the Dallas/ Fort Worth community, who are primarily business owners. The bank focuses on helping small and midsize business in the area.

Oakwood Bank, currently located at 17808 Dallas Parkway, is also expanding and planning on opening a new office near the Dallas North Tollway inside Preston Center.

Although the banking industry is always a little uncertain, under Salley’s expert guidance, we know Oakwood Bank is in good hands. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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