Pure Swing Golf

Golfing is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and build connections with friends, clients and colleagues. But what if you don’t know how? If your swing isn’t up to par, then Pure Swing Golf (PSG) can help!
Located at 13617 Inwood Road, Suite 205, in Dallas, PSG is a “state of the art indoor training facility providing players instruction from experienced professional golfers using the latest technology,” according to its website. No matter what your skill level is or what problem area you have, PSG is designed to help you improve.
Step on the green areas inside PSG, which are situated next to large screens to simulate the outdoor golfing experience. Using advanced technology, PSG coaches can measure and evaluate your swing in order to provide excellent instruction and guidance. The coaches are experienced golfers themselves, who have all played at the highest levels including competing in major championships. In other words, they know what they are doing.
PSG is for anyone who wants to improve their golf game, juniors wanting to make a high school or college team, collegiate golfers who want to play professionally and more. At PSG, you can also get help learning how to navigate a real golf course, develop a mental regimen to help you practice and play, and have a club fitting done so you can have the perfect equipment for your strengths.
In addition to the two fully equipped bays for practicing golf, PSG also has a Swing Catalyst, which is a pressure plate that you stand on while hitting a shot that shows the pressure distribution of your swing; GC Quad Launch Monitors, which is a system that measures the shots shown on simulator screens; and a Trackman 4, which provides measurements of 29 data points to compare your golf swing to that of LPGA tour players. Video equipment and a 14 x 14ft putting green is available as well.
After spending time at PSG, playing golf will be a much more enjoyable experience, guaranteed.

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