Miles Cleveland Goodwin at Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

The Baker, 2018, oil on canvas by Miles Cleveland Goodwin.

Addison and the North Dallas Corridor are thriving with popular events and festivals year round. How about trying a quiet date night for a change and enjoy the beautiful artwork of Miles Cleveland Goodwin at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden. Goodwin’s work will be on display from the opening reception on July 14, 2018, 6:00pm-8:00pm through August 11.

“In Goodwin’s soulful compositions, he narrates the story of his life and the essential nature of animals and land around him. In his work, we feel the temperature; we sense the spiritual forces that guide our world; we experience the inherent ambiguities and provocations felt when confronting life as it is. His ruminative portrayals engage us in reciprocal storytelling embodying the spirit of Southern literature,” describes Valley House Gallery.

According to a statement on a recent Facebook post about his new work, Goodwin said, “I live in a small town in central Mississippi, a place where the woods are swallowing homes like snakes eat eggs; travelling down the winding body of the highway. There is a sense of the old world, old ways of doing things – rough hands and bright souls. One is forced to be resourceful, to look at nature as a tool, a friend. My paintings, sculptures, and poetry have always reflected my surroundings – I try to listen instead of speak. I am very grateful to be showing my work to people, for without them I would go crazy.”

Valley House will have his works such as Spring Lost in a Winter Wood 2018, The Happy Couple 2018 and many more.

Goodwin earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon before returning to Mississippi, the land and people he knows so well. Experience the captivating, sometimes dark, country artwork from Goodwin this weekend, and you will not be disappointed.

For more information on this exhibition visit Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

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