The Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Heart, round, square, oval—there are as many different sunglasses as there are face shapes! So how do you choose the right pair? Although most sunglasses on the market fit the bill for the two most important criteria (protect your eyes from the sun and literally fit across your face), it’s true that not all sunglasses look great on everyone. Rather than spending hours inside a cramped Sunglasses Hut, trying on every pair in the store, read our quick guide for finding the right sunglasses for your face. Then you’ll be ready to #slay (definition: impress everyone with how awesome you are) this spring!

Face Shape

One of the most critical factors in finding the perfect sunglasses is picking based on your face shape. Opposites are key in this game! Round faces, known by wide cheeks and no angles, would look best with square or rectangular frames. Square faces, which have a solid jaw line that is roughly the same size as your forehead, look great with round or aviator frames. Heart-shaped faces have a narrower jawline than forehead, and would look best in rounded frames like aviator or cat-eye. Oval faces that are long, narrow and slightly rounded would look good in almost any frame! If your face doesn’t seem to fit any of these categories, don’t worry. Just choose a frame with more angles if your face is more rounded and vice versa.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

Your face coloring is another thing to look at when buying sunglasses, as it can make a significant difference. For example, tan brunettes can get away with black, grey, violet, navy and other dark frames on their sunglasses, while fair-skinned blondes should stick with lighter tones like cream, gold, tan or brown.


What’s your personal style? Are you a classic brown Burberry aviators person or a 3D glitter butterfly Anna-Karin Karlsson person? No matter what, your shades should reflect your personal fashion—if you feel confident, glamorous and strong wearing them, then they are the right sunglasses for you!

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