Kent Wallis Brings En Plein Air to Southwest Gallery

“Stairway Color” by Kent Wallis

Currently, at Southwest Gallery, you can experience Kent Wallis’ exploration into “Plein air.” “En Plein Air” is a French expression that describes the art of outdoor painting, capturing landscapes and views in natural light. Kent’s paintings will be on display at Southwest Gallery through June 9th. During this exhibition, you can enjoy over 40 small Plein air paintings of several landscapes from Utah to Dallas, Texas. According to Southwest Gallery’s website, “Kent’s spontaneous touch with his bold pallet and vivid color creates an atmosphere of joy. experience his new paintings.”

Kent was born in Ogden, Utah and began his formal art efforts rather late when compared to other artists. He received his Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees from Utah State University and worked for B.F. Goodrich in Ohio for six years. It was during this time that Kent kept having feelings about his career; feelings of not being able to fulfill his creative needs. It was in January 1975 that he picked up an old hobby, drawing, and painting. As Kent’s website states, “He did so in an effort to sharpen his creative faculties and give more purpose to his free time.”

During those next few months, Kent felt the drive to paint with a purpose, not just as a hobby but feeling like there was something important and meaningful he needed to say through his paintings. He then moved his family to Utah and opened an artist supply store. The store allowed him to spend his time and energy painting.

Kent’s paintings blend the schools of romantic realism and impressionism. Being a self-taught artist, his development has been instinctive; website says, “Kent’s use of color and composition lend themselves to an incredible beauty which reflects intensity, and yet, a gentle inspirational calm and strength.”

For more information on Kent’s exhibition at Southwest Gallery as well as gallery times, visit their website or call 972-960-8935. Make sure to follow them on Facebook as well as all the latest events and news.

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