Eyebrow Trends of 2018

It’s the eternal beauty question: how should I style my eyebrows? Some people like them thinner, others thicker, but all of us want to shape them in the way that best compliments our face structure. If you’ve tried a couple of different styles and you don’t have one that works for you, there are some new trends on the horizon this year that might work for you.

Feathered Eyebrows

For those of you who have thick eyebrow hair, this look is an easy one to create. Especially popular in Western Europe and the U.S., feathered eyebrows are stylish and chic. Essentially, feathered eyebrows are when the arch hairs are split down the middle to create an avian look. To get this look, use two different micro liner pencil shades to create texture. Make tiny strokes upward for one half of the brow and tiny strokes downward for the other half.

Bold and Angular Eyebrows

Even though this can be a dramatic look, bold and angular eyebrows can be changed to make the face softer. To do this, simply use a subtle fade in the brows rather than one solid color. As the hair is naturally lighter at the beginning of your brow and then gets darker towards the tail end, all you need to do is imitate that with the bold and angular look. Take a pigmented brow gel or wax to outline the shape you want with an angled brush. Then, using a fluffy brush, dust on a brow powder over the top, adding a bit more on the tail end.

Straight Eyebrows

Out of the five, the straight eyebrow trend is the one that gives you the most youthful look. It makes you look like you’ve never had your brows shaped before and covers your brow bone. All you have to do is follow the natural orbital bone structure of your face. It is also important to keep the brow thickness consistent throughout except at the tail end where you should pull the ends up to open up your eyes.

Shooting Star Eyebrows

A change on the straight brow look, the shooting star look adds just a little bit of drama to your look. Using a micro pencil, be precise when you style the brow. Keep the majority of the eyebrow straight and linear, but make the arch more prominent and dramatically. As a result, the end becomes smaller and smaller.

Beach Eyebrows

For those who want to lighten their brows, the beach look is the one to go for. This look doesn’t mean bleaching the hair, rather it means adding highlights to create a lighter look. The key to getting this perfect is to make the “highlights” look brushed. Take eye primer and put it on a clean spoolie brush to coat the hairs. Then fill the brow in with a brow pencil that is lighter than your natural hair color.

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