Captivating Cadiz, Spain

The Cathedral in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz Province, Andalucia, Spain.

Just off the southwestern coast of Spain is the ancient port of Cadiz. Numerous white buildings, winding cobblestone streets, warm blue-green water, and more than 100 watchtowers make up the city that is world-renowned for being friendly and full of life. Charming and historic, Cadiz is the perfect place to travel if you are looking to get away from it all.

What to Do

Perhaps the most iconic building in Cadiz is the Santa Cruz cathedral. This architectural attraction, also known as the “Church of the Americas”, is open to the public and offers some stunning views of the Cadiz skyline. Another great attraction is Castillo Santa Catalina, a 16th century castle that overlooks the city.

The beautiful Benot Gallery is full of works of contemporary Andalusian artists and is well worth the trip. Cadiz Museum is its historical counterpart that was created with the Archaeological Museum and Museum of Fine Arts merged.

Locals and visitors from all over flock to Cadiz for its beautiful beaches. The two biggest ones are La Caleta and Playa Victoria. La Caleta is the smaller of the two and rests on the west side. On the other hand, Playa Victoria is the longer beach on the eastern coast.

What to Eat

The foodie scene in Cadiz is something that everyone can enjoy. They have different cuisines from all around the world and quite a few native dishes that visitors will fall in love with. There are tortillitas de camarones, which are crispy fritters fried in a batter of chickpea flour, onions, parsley, salt and batter. Another speciality is chicharrones de Cádiz, or slow roasted pork belly with fresh lemon and ground cumin. The tasty dessert pan de Cádiz is full of marzipan and candied fruit.

Some of the most well-reviewed restaurants on the island include Sopranis, El Faro de Cadiz, Ventorrillo el Chato, Aponiente, Balandro and others just to name a few. The prices at the restaurants and cafes vary so be sure to double check before you go.

Where to Shop

In Cadiz, locals sell a wide range of gifts and souvenirs which include cured meats, Andalusian olive oil, leather goods, and handmade ceramics. These products are sold in charming mom-and-pop shops and chic stores all throughout the city. The old museum and shop, Usted Está Aqui, is the place to go if you want to buy artifacts from local artisans. If you love ceramic bowls, plates, and cups, Beached in Cádiz is full of them. The two best places to get quality souvenirs at reasonable prices are Calvichi’s and Happy World Cádiz. These stores are full of quirky, cool trinkets to choose from. The city’s principal food market, Mercado Central, is the best location to find delicious Spanish wine, cheeses, and olive oils.

Where to Stay

Cadiz has a wide variety of accommodations for travelers to choose from. There are a few hotels right on the beach that offer a short walk to the seashore, beautiful views, relaxing spas and pools, and spacious rooms. If you prefer to stay in the center of the city, everything from budget friendly rooms to five-star resorts are available. The city has also taken to restoring centuries old buildings and convents as well to provide visitors with a unique and stunning experience. Whatever your style, Cadiz, Spain has just the right place for you. Happy travels!

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