Adventure Awaits You in Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro.

With medieval towns, beautiful coastlines, stunning mountains, national parks and many more delightful experiences, it’s easy to see why the Balkan country of Montenegro in Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations this year. Bring your hiking boots, swimsuits and appetite for adventure, as this vacation destination has everything you need for the perfect summer getaway.

Go Hiking

Beauty is everywhere at Dumitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can hike Bobotov Peak, which is 2,525 meters above sea level, and trek through the amazing natural landscape of glaciers, rivers, meadows, forests, mountains and canyons. More into seeing wildlife than hiking? At Dumitor National Park, you can see more than 1,600 vascular plants, bears, European Wild Cats, wolfs, eagles, falcons and plenty of fish, including the endangered Danube Salmon.

Explore Historical Sites

Travel back in time by exploring historical sites while in Montenegro. The Town of Kotor, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its architecture and attractions steeped in history. Visit Sveti Dorde, a tiny island off the coast that contains The 12thCentury Saint George Benedictine monastery; Our Lady of the Rocks, another small island with a Roman Catholic Church and museum; or the Roman-style Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor if you are interested in religious landmarks. Other must-see attractions include the Castle of San Giovanni located on a hillside near the bay, the Kotor Fortress surrounding the city and the impressive Napolean Theatre.

Relax by the Water

Sometimes all you want to do during your time off is chill on the beach—it’s the perfect summer activity after all! One beautiful coastal town with picturesque water is Budva on the Adriatic Sea. It’s many white beaches offer places to relax looking over the deep blue water, including Mogren Beach, known for relaxing on the fluffy sand and swimming in the cool water; Jaz Beach, perfect for camping; and many other beaches by resorts and casinos along the Budva Riviera. Although not an ocean, Lake Skadar is just as beautiful and relaxing! Located in the Lake Skadar National Park, it is a fresh water lake in a valley surrounded by mountains and filled with many birds, fish, plants and other creatures. This is also a great place to go fishing, rent a boat and just enjoy the loveliness all around you.

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