Tips for Luscious Locks

What you eat can affect more than just your weight.

We’re all awaiting the day when “bed head” becomes a rapidly growing trend. The day when rolling fresh off the pillow is perceived, not as outrageous, but outrageously gorgeous. Until then, we’ll push for natural beauty with a less haunting edge. We’ll aim for luscious locks that look positively effortless, while still exuding that effervescent quality.

First things, first – time to heed mother’s advice and commit to a nutritious diet. What we feed our body plays an integral role in outward appearance be it skin, nails, or – yep, you guessed it – hair. Pay attention to those essential superfoods next time you’re perusing Whole Foods on Beltline; adding eggs (rich in protein), carrots (high in Vitamin A, contributing to hydration), and Salmon (Omega 3, giving your locks a little extra shine) to your grocery basket will provide your hair with that extra va-va-voom.

Easy enough, right? Well, the process doesn’t end there, you may need to make a few modifications to your daily beauty routine, starting with your brush. This small factor makes a significant difference, namely when your hair is wet. Using a wide toothed comb and de-tangling from the bottom up, saves your hair from unwanted damage. Additionally, avoiding any hot styling tools can drastically improve the state of your precious locks, but if you must put the irons to use be sure you’re coating hair with a healthy layer of heat protection product.

So, now you’re properly pampered; you have the waves of a goddess. But you’re not quite ready to take on the day unless you’ve taken those essential vitamins (Biotin, biotin, biotin!). Did we mention biotin? You’ll notice your follicles strengthen in a matter of days, we assure you. The trick to gladiator strength, however? Well, that’s a healthy trim every three months!

That leaves one last secret to looking “born-with-it.” Beauty rest…on a silk pillowcase that is. Aside from avoiding those awful morning kinks, a silky smooth resting spot helps hair maintain its moisture so you’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed! 


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