Warm Soups for the Cold Weather

Warm up with these tasty soups and stews.

While we may not be having a very cold winter, temperatures have dipped enough to warrant those feelings of cuddling up with a nice warm soup. Although, January and February are typically the two months when we get into the frigid temperatures. But picture yourself sitting on the couch, maybe reading a book (or the latest issue of Addison Magazine?) and warming up with a nice warm homemade soup; it’s a good feeling.


Let’s start with what may be the most well-known soup in the country, Chicken Noodle Soup. Now, I love homemade chicken noodle soup and Rachel Ray’s Suped-Up Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup is very easy to make and of course very delicious. Check out the recipe as well as a video on how to make it here. Side note on chicken noodle soups, I always add a little bit of hot sauce to it to give it a little kick.


This next soup is very special to me because it’s one that my mom still makes for us kids every once in a while. It’s a stew that can be made with chicken or beef and in Colombia, it’s called Sancocho. It’s a hearty meal with corn on the cob, yucca, potatoes, cilantro, and plantains. It’s so good! While my mom would love to make this for everyone, it’s obviously impossible; however, El Portal Café on Trinity Mills and Marsh serves up a delicious Sancocho de Gallina (Chicken Stew) every Wednesday as part of their daily special. I highly recommend it.


OK, we’ve talked about chicken enough, let’s talk about tomato soup. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t have Campbell’s Tomato Soup at one point or another in their childhood. But let’s take it to another level and talk about Bon Appétit’s Roasted Tomato Soup. While it does take a little bit of time to make, it is totally worth it and so delicious. Go here for the recipe. Don’t forget the croutons.


No list of soups can be complete without a delicious beef stew. While some people will make this stew on the slow cooker, the Food Network has done us a solid and gave us a recipe for a delicious beef stew that can be ready in under four hours. I mean, 12 hours waiting for it to cook in the slow cooker is an eternity! I kid, I love our slow cooker. Check out the recipe here.


We love hearing from our readers, if you have a soup or stew recipe you want to share, please leave us a comment in the section below.

Oscar is a Cedar Valley College graduate in Music Recording Technology. He enjoys listening and working on all different genres of music, but having been born in Colombia, salsa music is his favorite. He loves soccer and baseball. He enjoys discovering and sharing new and off-the-beaten-path food places as well as traveling the world with his wife and 2 boys.

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