Top Zoos Around the World

Visit the top zoos around the world

Life can be a zoo sometimes – crazy, wild and exciting – so sometimes we forget how awesome going to a real zoo can be. As kids, simply seeing the tall giraffes, ferocious lions and funny-looking hippos is an adventure, but adults need a little more to impress them. This winter, take your friends (or your kids!) and visit one of these top zoos from around the world!

Singapore Zoo

Put your rainboots on because the Singapore Zoo features open-air exhibits inside a tropical rainforest environment. In addition to seeing more than 2,800 animals roaming freely in open habitats, you can also see the world’s first free-ranging orangutan habitat in a zoo. It’s one of the prettiest, natural spaces you have ever seen in a zoo!

San Diego Zoo

Giant Pandas, Komodo Dragons, polar bears and reindeer can all be found at the San Diego Zoo. Billed as “world-famous zoo”, it is known for it’s good treatment of animals and it’s fight against animal extinction. It is home to more than 3,700 rare and endangered animals from 660 different species. Walk through the 100-acre zoo and see these animals happy and playing in naturalistic habitats. While you’re there, walk through the botanical garden, home to more than 700,000 plants!

Zoo Berlin 

Animal lovers or those interested in seeing something they’ve never seen before should visit Zoo Berlin. This is Germany’s oldest zoological garden that contains approximately 20,000 animals of approximately 1,400 species – the world’s largest variety in a zoo. These animals include giraffes, elephants, sloth bears, Oryx, African penguins, arctic wolves and more.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

The best time to see Taronga Zoo Sydney is after the sun goes down. Buy a ticket for a sleepover and stay in beautiful safari-style tents, where you can relax after visiting with the more than 4,000 animals during the day. After dark, go on an intimate night safari with other campers, and then wake up in the morning to delightful animal sounds and stunning views of the Sydney Harbour.


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