Three Must-See Attractions in Japan

View of Tokyo skyline at sunset in Japan.

For an exotic trip that will make you feel like you are in a whole new world, jet over to Japan. The East Asian island nation in the Pacific is home to beautiful temples and attractions that inspire people from all over the world to come visit. And while it is a big place with tons of amazing, dense cities, here’s a quick list of things to help you get started when planning a trip to Japan.

Mount Fuji

If you have ever seen a picture of Japan’s landscape, you’ve gazed upon the magnificent Mount Fuji. It’s one of the most well known symbols of the country and brings about thousands of tourists every year looking to look upon its glory. If you are travelling to Japan in the spring, make sure that you climb up a part of the mountain. It will really make you feel what all that hype is about. You can take a day trip out from Tokyo and explore the mountain along with the Hakone National Park and Lake Ashi.


To explore a temple with centuries of history, venture over to Kiyomizudera. It is one of the most celebrated structures in the country It was founded in 780 and was named for the Otowa Waterfall. It’s name literally translates to “pure water temple.” Each of the waterfall’s streams is said to bring different benefits, but don’t take a drink from them. It’s considered to be greedy to take any of the temple’s resources. The temple also acts as one of the oldest schools with the Hosso sect, a Japanese Buddhism. While in the area, check out the Higashiyama District. It is known for its vibrant shopping and busy streets, so there’s always something going on. You may even walk away with a tasty sweet or exciting souvenir.

Tokyo Skytree

Before you head home from your getaway, make sure to stop by the Tokyo Skytree. At 634 meters, this structure is the world’s tallest tower. Make your way up to the area’s sky deck to get a birds’ eye view of the gorgeous city. It’s a great way to round out your trip and get an idea of all the possibilities of Japan’s rich community.

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