How to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

Know which part best fits you.

When you are styling your hair, the way you decide to do your part can highlight specific areas of your face. This can help bring out the strong, beautiful attributes of your face. It is important to note that the shape of your face changes as you get older so what work when you were younger will not work now.

Know Your Face Shape

It is important to determine what your face shape is before you decide on the part for your hair. This will enhance your beauty and can dramatically change your look. You will not fit completely into one category, but there are generally six face shapes: oval, long, round, square, heart, and diamond. Take a look in the mirror to determine your face and if you’re not sure, look on the internet or ask your family and friends.

Oval Face – Any Part

If you have an oval face shape, then you are lucky; you can pull off any part. With the “ideal” face shape, you could, and should, experiment with any parting style by mixing things up. Not only will it be fun, but it can make a big difference for you. You can try a middle, side, or deep part and look fabulous.

Long Face – Middle Part or Bangs

For a long or oblong face, a middle part is perfect. This style helps add an illusion of roundness to the face and softens it up. When you go to your hairstylist, ask for layers to bring out your strong jawline and cheekbones. This will help shorten your long face shape and help you feel confident.

Round Face – Middle or Deep Side Part

The ideal part for a round face is either a deep side or middle part. Part your hair like this so that it gives the illusion of creating symmetry and length around your face. When you do this, do not over do it with the layers of your hair; you just want to slim your face. Short hairstyles are great for a round face.

Square Face – Side Part With Bangs

A swoop of the bangs or a soft, side swept part will help soften the angles of a square face. Some experts recommend adding a extra deep side part to elongate the features of your face. Do not go too deep however, or you will bring attention to the lines of your square face.

Heart Face – Deep Side Part

Heart shaped faces are unique so it is important to have a complimentary part. A deep side part will soften the cheekbones and break up the chin line. You should experiment with the part and play around with layers too.  If you want to emphasize the shape of your face and eyes, try a half-down, half-up look.

Diamond Face – Side Part, No Bangs

You will not want to have short bangs if you have a diamond face. Instead, stick to side parts. This compliments your bone structure and strong cheekbones. Since diamond faces have smaller foreheads, anything too dramatic or long will overshadow your face. Shorter hairstyles work the best for this face shape.

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