Taking on Tahiti

Get away from the cooler weather with a trip to Tahiti

Located in the heart of French Polynesia, Tahiti is a gorgeous island paradise. The allure of the island brings in many visitors year around. Soft sand beaches, turquoise waters, overwater bungalows and fun activities make Tahiti a top travel destination in the world.

What to Do

From stunning beaches to colorful landscapes, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Tahiti. Nature lovers should head to Fautaua Waterfall, a sparkling cascade located in Fautaua Valley. The blue water falls 985 feet down into a large pool. To get to the waterfall, you’ll have to go on a long hike, but the scenic journey is part of the adventure. Another stunning place is the Vaipahi Gardens where visitors will find more than 75 plant species from all over the world, streams, a lily pond, and exotic flowers.

Visitors should definitely walk around the capital city of Papeete. It is full of shopping, dining, great food, and plenty of nightlife activities. History lovers should check out The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands, a beautiful museum dedicated to educating visitors about French Polynesia. It is divided into four distinct sections: geography and natural history, pre-European culture, the effects of colonization, and natural wonders.

If you love the beach, you have to visit La Plage de Maui, Punaauai Beach, and Taharuu Beach. La Plage de Maui is a dazzling peral white beach with a clear, calm lagoon nearby located on the south shore. Punaauai Beach is a ebony sand beach that reaches down into the waters of the South Pacific. It’s also one of the lesser crowded beaches on the island. Taharuu Beach is a big, black sand beach that is popular with families, locals, tourists, swimmers, and surfers.

What to Eat

One staple in Tahiti are the food trucks that line the streets. Customers can get quick and cheap dishes of their favorite foods such as burgers, pizza and crepes. Blessed with rich soil, plentiful rain and warm sun, Tahiti is a great place to grow fresh produce and catch seafood. Some of their most tastiest fruits include bananas, coconuts and pineapples.

This French Polynesian island loves fish with tuna, grouper, and mahi mahi being the most popular type. One dish native to Tahiti that you have to try is poisson cru, a raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, similar to a ceviche.

Where to Shop

As there are no large shopping malls or department stores in French Polynesia, the best place to shop are local boutiques, street vendors, and marketplaces. Popular items include vanilla beans, woven hats and bags, woodcarvings, scented oils and soaps, tifaifai quilts, the colorful pareo (sarong), and of course, black pearls. The French Polynesians are extremely proud of the black pearls that are grown locally in their beautiful lagoons.

Where to Stay

Tahiti has plenty of wonderful hotels. Some of the places are condos right on the beach, bed and breakfasts, or a nice hotel in the heart of the city. Whichever suits your fancy, Tahiti has the right place for you! Happy travels!

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