Ortho-Kinetics® Program at TELOS Fitness Center

Start the holidays off right with an Ortho-Kinetics trainer at Telos Fitness Center

Exercise can be challenging enough as it is, but when you have to figure out what types of workouts to do for the results you want, it can be impossible. To save time creating a good exercise regime, and to maximize the effectiveness of each workout, meet with an Ortho-Kinetics® trainer at TELOS Fitness Center today. These trainers can create specialized workouts that meet the needs of your body and personality, and help you reach your physiological and biomechanical goals.

Ortho-Kinetics® works like this – test, train, treat. According to its website, it is a “comprehensive system of corrective exercise training and soft tissue therapy designed to develop optimal human performance.” This exercise program can actually help realign posture, correct muscular imbalances, decrease compensation, eliminate pain, increase range of motion, create stability, develop strength, improve speed and maximize power in order to reach your physical goals.

First, you will meet with a trainer for an assessment. Your trainer will work with you to set goals and establish your exercise needs after analyzing your posture, joint mobility, muscular balance and functional movement performance. This test will identify any problems and limitations that hurt performance and cause pain, in order to determine the best way to fix that.

Next, your trainer will design a personalized program that is corrective and performance enhancing. He or she will help you through the program and teach you all the techniques for every exercise. From there, you can create a training timeline that fits with your schedule, whether you have every day workout needs or a part-time exercise preference. You will be stronger with less pain, and have achieved optimal performance by the time you complete this program.

Finally, you can take part in the Ortho-Kinetics® Therapy, a process that combines the assessment and training with therapy and rehab. The therapy is designed to work with the in-house chiropractor, massage therapists and Pilates trainers at TELOS, to help you get back on your feet sooner. Your specific treatment plan will be created to help maximize your results.

The Ortho-Kinetics® program was created by co-owner of the TELOS Fitness Center and founder and CEO of the Ortho-Kinetics® Institute, Everett Aaberg. As one of the most elite trainers in the U.S., and an expert in corrective exercise, integrated therapy and rehabilitation, Aaberg is a former professional athlete, champion bodybuilder and power lifter. Realizing that the fitness industry needed well-educated, professional trainers who would deliver safe and consistent results, he utilized his more than 25 years experience and research, and worked with a licensed therapist, Muscle Activation Techniques specialist and Active Release Techniques practitioner to develop Ortho-Kinetics®. It is a unique approach for treating and training the body for optimal performance.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute, based at TELOS Fitness Center, is a place that offers advanced education and extensive certifications based on Aaberg’s award-winning system. The Institute produces the most extensively trained professional trainers in the fitness industry, who are certified Ortho-Kinetics® trainers and therapists. They are able to assess, train, treat and continue rehab for people of all ages and athletes at all levels.

The award-winning TELOS Fitness Center is a premier fitness center, training center, and spa. In addition to Ortho-Kinetics®, it also offers group exercise classes, fitness equipment, a grill, and a spa so you can look and feel your absolute best.

Being healthy in 2018 is easy, with a little help. This year, spend less time worrying about how to get the body of your dreams, and more time focusing on achieving your fitness goals by going through the Ortho-Kinetics® program at TELOS Fitness Center. A customized fitness routine and therapy program could be exactly what you need to become the healthiest version of you.

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