Bulbs for Dallas Addison Arbor Foundation

How to use bulbs inside and outside

Take a break from shopping and the busy holiday season, and relax with nature at the Bulbs for Dallas: Indoors and Out event hosted by the Addison Arbor Foundation. It will show you how to use bulbs in an urban environment, and how to make bulbs bloom indoors. This free event is taking place from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on December 2 at the Addison Athletic Club in Addison.

CA Hiscock will be hosting Bulbs for Dallas. He will teach guests about outdoor bulbs that thrive in Dallas, including when to plant them and how to use them in your landscape for maximum impact. He will also demonstrate techniques for forcing bulbs to bloom indoors.

After growing up in New Jersey (and living there for forty years), Hiscock became very interested in plants native to Texas. Now he is a Texas Master Gardner and Naturalist, and the Dallas County Master Gardener (DCMG) Speaker of the Year in 2012.

“It’s not called the Garden State for nothing!” said Hiscock on the event website. “Everyone had gardens (and often chickens and geese) when I was growing up. We grew vegetables, picked fruits and planted flowers, and wandered through the fields and forests from early spring to late fall. I thought I was a good gardener until I came to Dallas and had to deal with heat, drought and black clay soils. Going through the Master Gardener program began my education on Texas gardening.”

The Addison Arbor Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the natural environments within the Town of Addison through landscaping, public art and education. It is made up of an all-volunteer staff, so 100 percent of community donations go directly to fund projects. You’ve seen some of their projects around Town, including the Japanese maple trees at Oaks North, the beautiful house-shaped artwork at North Addison Park and “A Profound Secret” artwork at the corner of Arapaho and Addison roads.

If you love working with beautiful bulbs, or just want to spice up your home or apartment with nature, then Bulbs for Dallas is the perfect event for you! Gardening is a skill that requires patience, knowledge and skill – all things that come from a little practice and expert instruction. Happy planting!

Sydni Ellis grew up in the great state of Texas, where she learned to love chips and salsa and hot weather. She has a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas, and she currently works in the College Communications, Marketing and Outreach office at Richland College. Some of her passions include writing, traveling and re-reading the Harry Potter Series every chance she gets. In the spirit of spontaneity, Sydni lives her life with a pen in one hand and her video camera in the other; ready to capture the next great story.

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