Balm Cleansers v. Traditional Cleansers

Which works for you?

If you are a skin care early adopter, you have probably played around with balm cleansers. These products not only clean your face and melt away your makeup but also they help keep your skin taut. If you are still on the fence of whether you want to try out these new items, find out the key differences between them and traditional cleansers.

Balm Cleanser Benefits

These products make sure that your skin is cared for. Instead of just brushing past your face washing to get to the other steps of your routine, balm cleansers elevate the cleansing process. These still get into your pores to remove the dirt and oils from your skin, but they do not dry you out. The balm also can soak into your skin leaving you supple and satisfied.

Balm Cleanser Considerations

Because this cleanser does more for your skin, it also has more ingredients you have to consider. These products can be heavier options than normal face wash, so you will have to take your skin type into consideration before switching over. These are also heavier, so you should look for a lighter option if you tend to get oily before the end of the day. A lighter option that will leave your skin glowing, try out this Clinique option.

Traditional Cleanser Benefits

There are traditional cleansers that are quicker on the go. If you are a busy woman that doesn’t have time to fully use a balm every day, grabbing an easy makeup wipe option might work better for your lifestyle. The most important part about cleansing your skin is taking the day off, so if you are more likely to use a traditional option than you should stick to your normal routine.

Traditional Cleanser Considerations

Everything about this option goes back to hydration. Normal cleansers can strip your skin of moisture, so make sure your traditional cleanser doesn’t leave you dry. If you are using a more mainstream option, make sure you are moisturizing after you clean your face.

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