The Truth About EarthWater

Water – the most unique substance on the planet. When it’s clean, it is the perfect liquid that we need to live; but when it’s dirty, or there is too much of it, it could actually kill us. Most of us drink water every day (maybe not the recommend eight glasses, but no judgment here!), but we don’t always think about what’s in our water.  That’s where EarthWater comes in. This Addison-based company offers a solution to your water trouble: one hundred percent natural, alkaline water with more than 70 trace minerals and a proprietary blend of fulvic/humic mineral complexes. We talked to CJ Comu, chairman and CEO of EarthWater Limited, located at 16220 Midway Road in Addison, to discover a little more about this deliciously healthy water and the story behind it all.

“EarthWater was founded on the premise to provide a secret natural mineral composition that could potentially change and improve people’s lives,” explained Comu. “It does this by infusing the much-needed micronutrients missing in our food groups that have been stripped due to over-farming, pesticides and herbicides. These micronutrients include minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and more. Some people have referred to EarthWater as ‘one of the wonders of the world!'”

EarthWater extracts this natural mineral composition from a secret location, deep beneath the Earth from a sterile mine. It then liquefies it into a concentrate to create amazing water and health supplements. Because of the unique formula full of minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, EarthWater is actually completely black! “It contains up to 77 of the most important life-changing minerals, along with a natural 9.5-10.5pH,” said Comu. “These micronutrients are essential for the human body to detox, put oxygen in your blood stream, and – most important of all – help reduce the incidents of illness and disease. Our products contain no chemicals, carbohydrates, calories, colors, or sugars, and are Kosher, Vegan and non-GMO. It really is the ‘greatest water on Earth.'”

Earthwater Brand Ambassador Miss Earth 2017

The water and other products from EarthWater deliver minerals, enzymes and oxygen in a perfect balance to all the cells in the body. The Company says that this extra hydration “increases exercise endurance and promotes shorter recovery times, balances PH, and increases absorption of minerals.” The fulvic and humic minerals have many benefits, according to several research studies that are published online. These include lowered cholesterol, boosted energy, cleansing of toxins and combating free radicals

In addition to the water bottles, you can also buy concentrated mineral packets, which allow you to mix into any 20 oz. filtered water bottle to turn normal water into healthier water; or mineral caps, which mixed the nutrients in your water bottle after it’s snapped onto the top. EarthWater Zenful is the line of flavored mineral water, with the same 70+ trace minerals. Other products are available as well.

“Everyone has heard that doctors recommend drinking 50 percent of your body weight in ounces of water,” said Comu. “The issue is ‘regular water’ does not have the nutrients that EarthWater contains, nor do many brands of water carry a natural (not synthetic) 9.5 – 10.5 pH. These are essential for good health and good skin. Hydration is one of the most important parts of healthy living and EarthWater products provide all that and more.”

Healthy water has not always been Comu’s passion. He is a 25-year professional veteran on Wall Street who has founded and operated five companies (two public) as a founder, chairman and CEO. He has a background in building, funding and operating globally with a track record of more than 100 companies that he has consulted. He is a former president of the Addison Rotary Foundation, former vice chairman of Galleria Credit Union, and a charter member of the Investin Forum. In addition, he has conducted business in 20 countries and speaks several languages.

He decided to open EarthWater in Addison because it was home. “EarthWater started in Addison, as that is where my home has been since 1990, and it is also the place that the secret formula was created,” said Comu. “We were also fortunate to lead the acquisition and restructuring of one of the largest bottling and co-pack facilities in Dallas, which allowed us to launch and produce our products in a facility that we hold equity in. It is also an ideal destination to ship products by truck, rail, air and marine containers.”

Being able to ship products by a variety of methods is important, because EarthWater is only sold online.

“EarthWater is proud to have 15 SKU’s sold in 30 countries, and we are proud to have an exclusive distribution agreement with Amazon,” said Comu. “We are one of the few beverage companies that are not sold in retail stores.”

Join Miss Earth United States 2017 contestants, the NASCAR drivers of BK racing, MMA/UFC athletes, student athletes, yoga instructors, adventurers, families and others by drinking EarthWater today. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t start drinking EarthWater sooner!

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