Fun Fall Makeup Trends

Use the beautiful colors of fall in your makeup

With the changing of the seasons, why not change your makeup style a bit? Clean out those summer colors and hop on the hottest fall makeup trends of 2017. Check them out below:

Fall-themed eyes

One of the most beautiful aspects of fall is the changing of the leaves from green to bright golds, warm oranges and brilliant reds. This fall, be inspired by the changing leaves when it comes to your eyes. For a natural look, use a brownish shade of orange on your eyelids with little-to-no eyeliner. At night, go glamorous with a bright shade of yellow or red. Metallic is also really hot this fall season, especially in fall colors of gold and bronze. Use it on the top and lower parts of your eyelid to help your black eyeliner stand out.

Rosy cheeks and berry lips

Put that hot pink lipstick away, ladies, it’s fall and that means darker lip colors. A dark berry color is a great way to welcome cold weather. Whether it’s gloss, matte, or a stain, find the perfect purple-toned lip wear that matches your skin color. Though blush is always in season, this fall, makeup trends are calling for a bit more rosiness to those cheeks.

Two-toned makeup

We are so used to using the same color on both of our lips and both of our eyes. This fall — throw that notion out the door. There’s a new makeup trend that calls for two-toned makeup. So instead of using blue eyeshadow for both eyelids, makeup fanatics are now rocking a different color on each eye. For instance, some are using bold forest green on one eye and a bold navy blue on the other. The effect isn’t as jarring as you might think, but chic when done right. Along the same lines, two-toned lips are becoming a big hit. For something subtle in nature, use a slightly darker shade on your lower lip. If you want to get a bit more wild, try a dark purple matte on the bottom and a lighter purple shade on your top lip.

Interrupted Eyeliner

Interrupted eyeliner — it sounds odd, but trust us on this. Instead of using your black eyeliner around your entire eye, leave an empty block on the top and bottom around your pupil. Use a pearlescent liner on the empty block and watch your eyes sparkle in a new and fascinating way.

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