Jeff McKissack to Speak at Frost Bank Luncheon

Defense By Design President Jeff McKissack

TED Talk speaker and Defense By Design President Jeff McKissack will be speaking at an upcoming Frost Bank/Addison Magazine Luncheon in October. His talk will address physical security, including mistakes in relying too much upon cameras, alarms and access controls alone. Also, he will talk about data security from the social engineering aspect where impersonation, bribery and blackmail are used.

“Thirty years of a consistent message and having trained more than 350,000 people is one way in which Defense By Design is unique,” said McKissack. “Yet another is that we are focused solely on the human aspects of personal and professional safety and defense versus the technological. Why hack your computers if I can hack your people instead? It is much easier and I am much less likely to be caught. Simply put, our goal is to help keep employees out of the emergency room, and help keep their employers out of the court room and the news room.”

Defense By Design works to help individual people and companies develop a realistic approach to safety and security, and will work with your specific needs to develop the right program for you.

McKissack argues that people knowing more about their personal safety and security should be an important concern for employers as well.

“We’ve seen recent stories in our news of shootings in homes, domestic violence, road rage and random acts of violence where the victims (regardless of where they worked) are no longer at work,” said McKissack. “The same is true for the perpetrators who were not ‘career criminals’ prior to these incidents, but now face imprisonment. Why is this important? Because what happens in the emergency room affects human resources and what happens at the police department affects public relations. You cannot separate people’s personal safety and security from their professional safety and security. One directly affects the other as well as the businesses they represent.”

In today’s world, many companies invest in technology to keep people safe, like cameras, alarms, firewalls and more. However, they don’t think about the importance of training. McKissack believes that technology is useful to complement employee training, but the former should never be a substitute for the latter.

“We have put the proverbial cart before the horse by relying too much on technology to keep us safe,” explained McKissack. “It is when you make your people safer through training that you make your places of business safer, not the other way around. Technology is only as effective and smart as the people utilizing it.”

For more information, or to hire Defense By Design to speak at your next work event, visit their website. Safer, more confident employees make for a happier workplace for all!


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