Meatless Burgers? You Gotta Try These!

Vegetarian burger made of beetroot, tomato, corn salad and arugula

First things first, I love burgers. Burgers with cheese, bacon, and anything that makes them spicy. But, for various reasons, not everyone likes or eats meat and so going out for burgers with friends can be challenging. So, what do you do when it’s time to pick a place to eat? Wonder no more, here are some of the great meatless options in Addison.

Let’s start out with Houston’s “House Made Veggie” burger. It’s their signature recipe with a sweet soy glaze and melted Monterey Jack. It’s a bit weird that a steakhouse would serve a veggie burger and one that by all accounts is very tasty. Houston’s in on Belt Line just east of the North Dallas Tollway.

Hopdoddy has accomplished, “The Impossible.” At the very least that’s the name of their limited edition meatless burger. It looks like a real beef patty; the texture is very similar as well and even “bleeds” like a real patty. Besides the meatless patty, it comes with Tillamook cheddar, Sassy sauce, green leaf lettuce, tomato and white onion. Try it while it lasts.

One of my favorite burger places is Smash Burger. With so many different options, every visit births a brand-new burger. It’s no different with their black bean veggie burgers. Choose from the Jalapeño BBQ, Avocado Club, Buffalo and Blue Cheese or the Truffle Mushroom black bean burgers; or simply create your own black bean burger. It’s your world! Smash Burger is in the same building as the Improv and it’s open till 10 p.m. every night. Perfect for a late-night burger run after a comedy show.

At Liberty Burger, it’s all about peace, love and a delicious grains and seeds patty. The Woodstock is a great option, I love the way they describe it: “For the love of our earth Mother, get full with our grains and seeds and chickpeas!

Have a favorite meatless burger place? Let us know in the comments section, we love trying out new places!

Oscar is a Cedar Valley College graduate in Music Recording Technology. He enjoys listening and working on all different genres of music, but having been born in Colombia, salsa music is his favorite. He loves soccer and baseball. He enjoys discovering and sharing new and off-the-beaten-path food places as well as traveling the world with his wife and 2 boys.

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