Horizon Air Group Acquires Starbase Jet

Horizon Air adds Starbase Jet

When it comes to traveling in style, Starbase Jet – based here in the North Dallas Corridor – knows how to get the job done. As a trusted world leader in private aviation, it holds a strong reputation for total private jet solutions – from management to charter services, it stands out in the industry because the company truly understands its clients expectations for every flight. Today, the aviation leader will become part of an even bigger operation, as it was recently acquired by Horizon Air Group.

“Horizon Air Group is proud to announce the acquisition of World Class Jet dba Starbase Jet including the air carrier certificate to be rebranded Horizon Jet Management,” reads a recent press release on the topic. “The acquisition allows Horizon to not only assist clients with aircraft sales and charter services, but also FAA licensed aircraft operations, all under one roof.”

As it stands, Horizon already boasts an impressive record of bringing together the some of the best leaders within the aviation industry in order to “deliver top-level customer service and support to discerning businesses and private clients.” Now, with Starbase Jet part of the family, Horizon will be one of the largest air charter organizations throughout the south central United States, and they’re fully dedicated to all three major sales functions in the industry – Aircraft Management, Charter Brokerage, and Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions.

“In a time when people feel like they only have two choices, to either stick with the classic charter models that have been around for some time or buy into the trendy memberships programs that have been popular lately, it’s important to us to really forge ahead with an alternative that combines the best of both worlds,” states Horizon Air Group’s CEO Luis Barros in the aforementioned press release.

Sounds like the excitement is just taking off!

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