Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Addison

Some of your favorite meals also can become gluten free

Eating gluten free can be challenging by itself, and it can get even harder when you are looking for options when dining out. While gluten is in several restaurant items, there are still places in the area that are ready to provide you with a quality dining experience. If you are new to eliminating gluten from your diet or are looking for new options in the area, here are some places that make it easy to eat gluten free in Addison.

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

If you want a local restaurant that gives you options, despite being gluten free, check out Kenny’s Italian Kitchen. This Italian dining spot can make 85 percent of its menu gluten free for those who are looking for specialty options. They even have gluten-free lasagna available to those who call ahead and request it. The possibilities are endless when dining at Kenny’s!

Snap Kitchen

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all of your fresh dishes, check out Snap Kitchen! This handmade, healthy restaurant knows you are on the go, so you can quickly stop in and walk out with something that will make your day a little brighter. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can find something great at Snap Kitchen.

P.F. Chang’s

Surprisingly, many Asian foods are not gluten free. If you feel like you are missing out because of your diet, make your way over to P.F. Chang’s to indulge on some amazing Asian dishes. They not only have gluten-free dishes but also they have a different set of dishware for their gluten-free diners. Make sure to tell your waiter that you are gluten free when you sit down so you can get your own sauce set up. There are plenty of options and flavors to choose from at P.F. Chang’s!

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