Summer Travel Bucket List

Be daring this summer and try zip lining

There’s an epidemic making it’s way around Addison this summer. It’s highly contagious, and once you get it, it practically requires that you take time off work. We like to call it the Travel Bug! You know you’ve been infected if you daydream about swimming in the ocean or can’t stop searching airline prices. Now that you have the bug, the only thing you can do is travel as much as possible! To help you get started, we compiled a Summer Travel Bucket List with a few activities that we believe shouldn’t be missed out on this year.

Swim the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Cool off this summer by swimming in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the largest coral reef in the world and one of the seven wonders of the natural world! Put on your scuba goggles to see beautiful underwater life up close. Now is your chance to see whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea snakes, fish and so much more!

Zip Line in Costa Rica

Nothing compares to the feeling of flying over the stunning rainforest and blue ocean on a zip line in the gorgeous Costa Rica. Visit the Diamante Eco Adventure Park this summer, where you can ride on the Superman line – the longest dual action zip line in Central America. That means you can share this once in a lifetime experience right next to your best friend.

Ski in the Swiss Alps

Escape Texas heat by bundling up and skiing on the breathtaking Swiss Alps this summer. Visit Zermatt, the highest ski resort in Europe, to ski on one of the many cool pistes available for every skill level. Afterward, you can go golfing, mountain climbing or mountain biking, all within view of the famous Matterhorn.

Cycle in Amsterdam

Riding a bike has never been more fun! Travel to Amsterdam this summer to rent a bike and go cycling around the city. This is the best way to explore the city (and it’s great exercise too!) Feel the breeze in your hair as you bike next to the canals, or take in all the sights of the city on your way to an event or attraction in town. You’ll blend right in with the locals and have a blast at the same time!


Sydni Ellis grew up in the great state of Texas, where she learned to love chips and salsa and hot weather. She has a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas, and she currently works in the College Communications, Marketing and Outreach office at Richland College. Some of her passions include writing, traveling and re-reading the Harry Potter Series every chance she gets. In the spirit of spontaneity, Sydni lives her life with a pen in one hand and her video camera in the other; ready to capture the next great story.

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