Find your Adventure at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beautiful traditional vibrant street in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Still debating on where to go for vacation this summer? Say no more, we have found a place for you. If you are wanting to vacation outside the country, but not too far, you can try the historical Old San Juan in Puerto Rico.

A Little Bit of History

Old San Juan is really an island connected to Puerto Rico by bridges. The island is properly known as San Juan Antiguo, but people say San Juan for short. The island is the oldest city in the U.S. and contains it historic roots in the west side of the island. Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493. He named it San Bautista, which is Saint John the Baptist. In 1512, the Spanish settled in the island, which was Puerto Rico’s first settlement. The island’s named changed to San Juan in the 1520’s. The island became an important import for the Spanish, thus it started to grow and build.

Things to Do

Think there isn’t anything to do in Old San Juan? Think again! San Juan contains so many things for every type of tourist.

Gamble: For those of you who like the thrill of the game, this island has the right type of deal for you. You can gamble in any of the casinos along the Atlantic Ocean stretch. The most popular casinos among tourists are Isla Verde and the Condado areas.

Water Activities: For those of you who want to take advantage of the blue water, San Juan has all the water activities you could ask for! You can rent a jet ski and go as far you adrenaline takes you. You can also fly board above the water to get a better view.

Museums: Just because it’s an island, does not mean that San Juan lacks in the museum area. San Juan holds a variety of art, history and hands-on kids museums. If you’re a history buff or art enthusiast, you’re going to love these museums. The museums hold events throughout the year, so make sure you know what is going on when!

What are You Waiting For?!

If you are now intrigued to try out a vacation in Old San Juan, then try it! You can find out more about other attractions and places to stay on the Old San Juan website. Happy vactioning!

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