EarthWater Moves to Addison

EarthWater promotes minerals you can see

“We help change and improve people’s lives by offering a 100% natural beverage that can put the much needed micronutrients missing in our food group back into the human body and help reduce the incidence of disease and illness.”

Who’s the “we,” you’re wondering? It’s EarthWater, and on June 1st, Mayor Joe Chow, Mayor Pro Tempore Ivan Hughes, Council Member Tom Braun, and Economic Development Manager Drew Dietrich, participated in the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce’s ribbon cutting for the company’s new location along Midway Road.

The health and wellness company was established back in 2013, by chance, when EarthWater’s CEO, CJ Comu, was in London having lunch with an 80 year old man. At his ripe old age, the gentleman still managed to walk an hour and a half to lunch then proceeded to crush CJ’s hand in a handshake. He later mentioned the “black magic” liquid that changed his life. While the substance sounds eerily familiar to the fountain of youth, it’s a simple combination of fulvic and humic minerals from a natural earth deposit dating back nearly 80 million years. As one of the richest mineral sources on the planet, it’s sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Luckily for us here in the North Dallas Corridor, it’s only a couple miles down the road.

EarthWater’s products include a zero calorie electrolyte drink, vegan gummy-vite sugar free multivitamins, FulHum pop tops, and more. But we know what you’re thinking, this all sounds too good to be true. So, if you don’t believe what you’re reading, then simply visit the company’s website for an endless amount of information regarding benefits and fitness tips. Better yet, visit the website now and you can even snag dad a little black magic for Father’s Day at 20% off!

There’s no denying it’s incredible, and we’re so pleased to say EarthWater is part of our community!

I am a Hockaday alum and graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I am an aspiring writer and journalist, and, as an avid reader, I constantly exercise my imagination and whet my appetite for creativity. I am outgoing and personable, and I look forward to incorporating my innate enthusiasm for creativity into my work!

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