To-Go Food in Addison and The Corridor

Thai Box’s take out menu also includes a kid’s menu option, perfect for a family night at home.

As a person who absolutely loves and enjoys eating delicious food, part of the experience is being able to take in the ambiance of the establishment; but, there are times when there just isn’t enough time to sit down and enjoy my meal and I must take it to-go. So, we thought we would share some of our favorite places to grab food on the run. From Sushi to Tex-Mex and some of the most delicious Indian cuisine you’ve ever tasted, grabbing something “to-go” does not mean a lukewarm burger and cold fries.


Nyla Sushi has fresh Bento Boxes filled with different options that are sure to hit the spot. You can select from their Bento Boxes menu which includes the Sashimi Bento Box with a California roll, seven pieces of sashimi and two daily salads; or the Sushi Bento Box with a Tekka maki roll, five pieces of sushi and two daily salads. There is also the Salmon Bento Box which is a sake infused Teriyaki grilled salmon with sautéed vegetables, chicken spring roll, and daily salad.


Thai Box is another favorite, I’m a sucker for Thai fried rice and Thai Box hits the spot every time, plus, they deliver! Start with either the dumplings or summer rolls then move on to the Thai fried rice chicken. They also have a Kid’s Box menu which includes their chicken fried rice and orange chicken with steamed white rice.


For Tex-Mex, Chuy’s famous “Big As Yo’ Face” burritos are the way to go. A gigantic homemade, 12-inch flour tortilla that gets stuffed with refried beans, cheese and your choice of beans and cheese, seasoned ground sirloin, oven roasted chicken or beef fajitas. On top of that, they serve it with your choice of sauce and either Mexican rice or green chile rice.


If you are more of a burger person, JC’s Burger House on Belt Line has you covered. Call ahead and get the Toddzilla, a triple meat/triple cheese monster of a burger, and never go hungry again. The meat is always prepared fresh in house and as the guys will tell you, “The proof is in the patty.” Their home-made chili pie is also delicious and if you like a little bit of heat, make sure to add jalapeños.


Did we miss your favorite to-go place? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Oscar is a Cedar Valley College graduate in Music Recording Technology. He enjoys listening and working on all different genres of music, but having been born in Colombia, salsa music is his favorite. He loves soccer and baseball. He enjoys discovering and sharing new and off-the-beaten-path food places as well as traveling the world with his wife and 2 boys.

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