Texas Health Offers New Stranded Motorist Safety Education Course

By on April 3, 2017

Attend the stranded motorist safety course

We’ve heard the phrase our whole life, “safety first,” but now North Dallas residents have access to a wealth of information in order to truly promote the concept and save lives on roadways. Thanks to Texas Health Plano Hospital teaming up with North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) and Department of Public Safety (DPS) a free Stranded Motorist Safety Education course will be offered to the community.

“Roadway safety concerns continue to rise, so we want to help educate residents on the proper ways to help maintain their safety in the event of the accident,” informs Texas Health Plano’s injury prevention coordinator, Janna Fagan, RN, SANE, in a recent press release, “We want to do our part to help keep our community safe.”

The hospital and its staff is, undoubtedly, doing their part. With statistics reporting nearly 450 deaths a year due to standing or walking within close vicinity of a roadway – many due to minor collision or vehicle breakdown – knowledge may just be our best resource in fighting back.

So, what does the course ultimately cover? As part of a “Steer it and clear it” initiative, the community will learn five key, and potentially life-saving, tips as well as the importance of following Texas’ “Move Over Law,” if involved in an accident. Members of the community can attend every fourth Thursday at Texas Health Plano’s location, along West Parker Road, and will receive a program certificate as proof of completion; the class will be led by the hospital’s Trauma Program in conjunction with members of the NTTA and DPS.

“Hundreds of people are injured in motor vehicle collisions every day,” adds Dr. Dean Cione, Texas Health Plano’s trauma surgeon, in the aforementioned release, “our goal is to help reduce the numbers of deaths and injuries associated with these preventable incidents.”

For more information on the class, visit www.TexasHealth.org/classes.

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