MBS Productions Presents a Revival of …A Moment in the Life of Willa Dee Arvis

A must-see play this season

Starting the day off with a cup of coffee can make all the difference in the world, and for author Mark-Brian Sonna, that is quite an understatement. A few years back, Sonna sat sipping his brew and perusing the morning paper when one woman’s obituary caught his eye and, ultimately, inspired a riveting performance now running in Mark-Brian Sonna (MBS) Productions’ Stone Cottage Theatre – A Moment in the Life of Willa Dee Arvis.

The play delves into the lives of two seemingly ordinary women – Willa Dee and her cousin Emily – who eagerly anticipate the arrival of National Geographic’s latest issue. The publication is doing a pictorial about American enlisted men training in the Bahamas, and it’s rumored that their husbands are featured in the photos. But what takes place after the magazine finally arrives captivates audiences.

As the characters reminisce, a mystery begins to unfold about a fateful evening. While both women recall the past differently, it’s the arrival of family friend Euel, who holds the key to the mystery, that sets ablaze their emotions, and forever alters the course of each of their lives. This performance leaves guests feeling joyful, emotional, and with a greater appreciation for life, however mundane.

“I call this an ‘American Play,’” says Sonna in a recent press release, “While the story is about two women, this play reflects the values and expectations we hold dear in this country, while exploring the detriments of these values. The women in this play live an idealized life, not wanting to face the reality of what is actually happening, until the reality confronts them in a way that they can no longer ignore. As Americans we do this all the time, we try to present an ideal image to the world, while internally there is strife. Other’s see it, but we pretend that they don’t.”

MBS Productions is the only Theatrical Production company in North Texas that specializes in exclusively producing works previously unseen for the stage. The performance, which has been widely praised throughout Dallas since its premiere in 2006, is currently running at the aforementioned Stone Cottage Theatre, located along Addison Road, through Tuesday, April 23rd. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit MBS Productions’ website here.

I am a Hockaday alum and graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I am an aspiring writer and journalist, and, as an avid reader, I constantly exercise my imagination and whet my appetite for creativity. I am outgoing and personable, and I look forward to incorporating my innate enthusiasm for creativity into my work!

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