HELPS International Making Strides in 2017

By on April 20, 2017

HELPS in Guatemala

HELPS International, headquartered here in Addison, makes it their sole mission to transform the lives of Guatemalans. Their steadfast team strives to make this possible through continued dedication, a growing community of supporters and staff, and enduring programs of practical, social and spiritual value. So far, this year, HELPS’ volunteers are off to a speedy start!

Bill McMillan, U.S. executive director of HELPS International spoke to this point in a recent press release, noting, “Our volunteer teams and donor committees have truly stepped up their efforts this year,” he goes on to add “the amount of coordination and logistics going on behind the scenes is represented in the success we’ve had to date. We’re looking to capitalize on this momentum and make this year our best ever.”

His pride initiates from the fact that, already, the nonprofit’s 2017 calendar year boasts five successful mission trips to Guatemala. Traveling from states such as Michigan, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Minnesota, volunteers offered various health care and community development services. From dentistry to translation, engineering to overall support, the different volunteer teams made possible over 200 surgeries, over 1000 health checkup clinics, and over 900 outreach clinics. Truly remarkable to say the least.

But let’s hone in on one particular volunteer group – those individuals from our beloved hometown of Dallas, Texas. According to the aforementioned press release, our Lone Star residents “provided more than 125 families with specially designed ONIL Stoves and water filters.” To give readers a little perspective, these stoves were installed in an effort to replace the traditional ground-based, in-home cooking fire pits and are equipped with vents that help in eliminating respiratory problems and the risk of severe burns. Likewise, the ONIL water filters have been stated to eliminate 100 percent of parasites and 99.9 percent of pathogenic bacteria.

We couldn’t be more proud! To learn more about HELPS International, you can visit the nonprofit’s website at

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