Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica

By on April 17, 2017

Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica

Hanging out about three-quarters of a mile out in the sea in Jamaica is Floyd’s Pelican Bar and for those who love traveling and visiting peculiar places, Floyd’s needs to be on your list. Made from driftwood and stilted on a large sandbar this bar is all about relaxing and forgetting about all the stress of life. It’s located in Parottee Bay on the South Coast of Jamaica and to get to it you’ll need to take a 20-minute boat ride, but once you’re there it’s all relaxing. You can sunbathe, jump in the shallow water and cool off with an ice-cold beer or have some fresh fish.

The bar is decorated with different mementos that so many of its visitors have left behind, you can catch Floyd hanging out most days so make sure to say hello.

As the story goes, Floyd Forbes, the bar’s owner, had a dream about a bar out at sea; and so, he built Floyd’s Pelican Bar in 2001. The bar’s name comes from the fact that large flocks of Pelicans like to rest on the sand banks. The bar was destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan and area businesses helped rebuild it by donating wood and lending a hand rebuilding it.

Some tips from people who have been to Floyd’s: Make sure to bring something you can leave behind and add to the décor like a T-shirt, flag or simply carve your initials somewhere around the bar. Make sure to bring cash, this one should be a given, but still. Don’t bring any valuables with you, it’s a small space and you will most likely end up in the water hanging out at some point so it’s probably best to leave any valuables back at the hotel. While children are not forbidden from coming to Floyd’s, because it is out in the ocean away from the mainland and there aren’t any restrooms, it is not recommended to bring the kiddos along. If you’re planning to eat, ask your driver to call ahead and order.

While the bar might be one of the smallest in the world, you will come away with lots of cool stories, memories, and anecdotes that you can count. Check out this cool short clip about Floyd’s and start planning your trip!

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