Famous Castles Around the World

By on April 17, 2017

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Castles are just amazing to see in person. You see them in movies, fairy tale books and other miscellaneous things. Finding a castle in person and going through it, is a whole different level than just watching it from afar. Here is a list of castles you must go see for yourself!

Mont Saint Michel: Located off the Normandy shore in France, lies a castle that is straight out of your imagination. The Gallo-Romans first made and used the castle, until the year 460. This castle is visited by approximately 3 million people a year. The best time to visit the castle is when the tides are low. If the tides are too high, the path to get to the castle is underwater.

Conwy Castle: Nestled in the bustle of Wales, United Kingdom is a medieval castle. Edward 1 build the castle in the 13th century, during his conquest. The castle holds a total of eight towers. The Conwy considered the most expensive castles Edward I ever had built. Seeing this castle in person will give you chills that multiply out of curiosity.

Matsumoto Castle: Settled in the Japanese city of Matsumoto, the castle is also known as the “crow castle.” This is because of it’s black exterior. The best time to see this castle is during the springtime when cherry blossoms are blooming left and right. Known as one of Japan’s premier historic castles, it will not disappoint your expectations.

Neuschwanstein Castle: Located above the village of Hohenshwangau, sits a castle that fits perfectly in a Disney movie. The castle was originally built for Ludwig II, but did not finish completion until 1892, a few years after his passing. This castle is considered a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace, due to it’s looks. The castle is on a hill top with a breathtaking scenery.

Bellver Castle: If you want to visit a circular castel, than you need to visit Majorca, Spain. The castle is very unique, in terms of other European castles. The walls and towers are completely circular. King James II was the the one who built the castle back in the 14ht century. The castle’s original intention was to hold military prison, but now holds concerts and cultural festivals. 

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