Top Ways To De-stress

By on March 10, 2017

Make time to de-stress

We all feel the effects of stress in different ways; maybe you’re noticing a change in your sleep habits or perhaps your greatest indicator is your physical appearance. Regardless, it’s so important to our health and wellness that we manage our stress, so we’ve included a few techniques below to help you achieve this goal!


It sounds simple, but the power of positivity is remarkable. Even when you’re not feeling your best, a simple smile can turn your mood around, and laughter has proven to greatly reduce stress hormone levels. So, whether you jam to your favorite music, watch a movie that inspires you, or spend time with the people you love most, make sure that you’re smiling often.


Whether you’re moving outside in the fresh air or inside at the gym, exercise is a wonderful way to lower your stress levels. Not only does it release endorphins, but it gives your confidence a major boost, which ultimately leads to a greater pep in your step. And who really has time to stress when they’re busy building up self-assurance?

Take a Step Back from Technology

We’re often consumed by social media, what’s floating around the internet, or what’s catching our eye on the television. Take the time to step back, and enjoy what’s happening around you. Turn off all modes of technology and let yourself relax – let yourself simply be.

Take a Deep Breath

If you’ve ever taken a Yoga class, you may be familiar with deep breathing exercise. Typically this involves a four count inhale through the nose, holding the breath at the top, then a long eight count exhale through the mouth. Give this a shot when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and witness the magic for yourself.

Buy A Plant

Maybe you’d rather just take a stroll in the great outdoors, but it’s been proven that plants don’t just purify the air, they induce your relaxation response. Looks like Mother Nature knows best.

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