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By on March 15, 2017

Orangetheory Fitness Center

With the increasing cost of healthcare nationwide, it’s a smart business decision to encourage your employees to exercise to improve their health. After all, working out improves health, which means less doctor visits and less expense on your company! Not to mention, working out together is a great way to build a bond among your employees. We talked to Kim Mason, managing partner at Orangetheory Fitness, about the benefits of one of their corporate memberships.

“Invest in your business’ most important asset – your employees,” said Mason. “Healthier employees translate to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and higher moral. Your team will be pumped about an exclusive benefit and inspired to be healthier, stronger and more determined with our ‘Fit for Business’ program.”

According to Mason, many Addison companies are already taking advantage of the corporate membership packages. The corporate perks are wonderful, including discounts when ten or more employees from one company join Orangetheory Fitness.

“Orangetheory Fitness works with businesses in many ways,” explained Mason. “We will come to a business and participate in health fairs, lunch and learns, and events. We will schedule team workouts to allow for several team members to try the workout together.”

This fitness club is nothing like an ordinary gym. Orangetheory Fitness is a group personal training workout backed by science that keeps calories burning for up to 36 hours after a workout. Everyone who works out has a heart rate monitor, which is designed to maintain a target zone to stimulate metabolism and increase energy. The group class is designed for members to make friends, encourage each other, and keep one another accountable to come to class.

If you are thinking about enrolling in a corporate membership package for your employees, but you still aren’t sure if it’s right for you, Orangetheory Fitness offers a free one-hour workout. That way you can experience the burn yourself, which will make you better qualified to encourage your employees to go. Happy, healthy employees equal a happy, healthy company, so sign up online now. It’s the best investment you’ll make all day.

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