Mariloff Diamonds Jewelry Repair

You can trust your jewelry repair with the specialists at Mariloff

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are putting on your favorite ring or necklace, and you notice that a few diamonds are missing, a clasp is broken, or something else is wrong with your precious jewelry. When that happens, you don’t want just any old Joe of the street to fix your valuable items, so take them to Mariloff Diamonds.

Mariloff Diamonds offers a jewelry repair service that ranges from minimal repairs to full custom changes.

“Our advantage is that when you bring a piece of jewelry in for repair, we don’t have to ship it off,” said Julie Burns, Marketing Director for Mariloff Diamonds. “We have an in-house jeweler who works with you directly for any repair need, and even guides you on what can and should be done to update a piece of jewelry. Sometimes, the quality of the jewelry will be affected by certain changes, and we want our customers to know that and decide what’s best for them.”

One of Mariloff’s typical jewelry repair requests includes jewelry cleaning, which they recommend should be done every six months to keep it in good condition over time. Also, they can clean jewelry with natural stones (such as pearls or coral), which most at-home jewelry kits don’t clean.

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Another frequent service done at Mariloff is polish and rhodium plating, which includes inspecting the stones and settings and polishing jewelry to look brand new. Also, Mariloff offers to set stones, re-size rings, secure loose diamonds and stones, and fix earrings.

“We guide our customers through the process of updating, repairing and creating custom jewelry so the integrity of the piece lasts for generations,” said Rafi Navon, CEO of Mariloff Diamonds.

Some of the advantages of Mariloff’s jewelry repair services over other places include the fact that they have an in-house jewelry, so the repairs are never outsourced and customers can work directly with the jeweler for faster turnaround; that they are experts because they have been in the diamond and fine jewelry business for more than 35 years, so they know how to create and update jewelry so the quality and integrity lasts for years; and that they build long-term relationships with their customers by supporting them over time, providing great customer service no matter what you need for jewelry, and educating customers about their jewelry so they buy with confidence.

If the unthinkable happens to your beloved jewelry, let the experts at Mariloff Diamonds fix it. They will repair and restore the piece until it’s better than new – and you might just find another item to add to your collection while you’re there!

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