How to Stay Healthy During Spring Break Travels

These tips can help you think about your trip and not the sickness after

Spring break is quickly approaching, which means that tons of locals will be setting out to do a little bit of traveling. If you are jet setting off for your spring break holiday, make sure you are going out of your way to protect yourself from germs and unhealthy habits. Here’s how to stay healthy during your spring break travels.

Ensure Your Carry-On is Stocked

Before boarding your flight, pack your bag with everything you may need to guard against germs. You should plan on taking a small bit of hand sanitizer with a high percentage of alcohol so you can wash away anything that might lurk on your plane. You should also pack disinfecting wipes, bandages, and other medications you might need while on the trip.

Stay Active

With all of the planning and sightseeing you will be doing, staying active while travelling seems like a piece of cake. But you might want to be a little more intentional with your level of exercise. Instead of taking a taxi, consider walking to your dinner location. This could be a great way to spend additional time with friends and loved ones.

Keep Your Socks On

We all hate the process that goes into security, but you can help stay safe during this by choosing your footwear wisely. Make sure you are wearing shoes and socks so you can still have something on your feet while you are walking through security. This will keep you from making contact with the floor thousands of others have walked barefoot on and will keep your toes warm and cozy.

One Healthy Meal Per Day

It can be challenging to remember to eat healthy while you are on vacation, but you should try to plan in one healthy meal per day while travelling. Sticking in some fresh fruits and vegetables will help keep your energy up while also giving your body the nutrients needed to fight any germs you might come across. Plus, this gives you a great reason to explore new areas of your travel destination that you might have missed otherwise.

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