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By on March 6, 2017

Make your wall the feature

When people usually think of changing up their walls, they usually go towards a different shade of paint. What is coming back into style and something that’s different from the usual paint, is having a statement wallpaper feature wall.

What is a statement wallpaper feature wall?

A statement wall paper for a feature wall is when you want one wall of a room you choose to stand out with a wallpaper pattern you choose. You want to pick a wall that people quickly draw their eyes to. Once you pick that wall, you want to start choosing colors and patterns that match the rest of your walls and decor around that specific room. This will create a grand focal point to the room you chose, thus creating a unique space that you can call your own.

Benefits of using Wallpaper?

There has been criticism of using wallpaper a few years back, but wallpaper has since made a comeback. Since have a feature wallpaper only requires one wall of paper, it is easier to keep up with. Wallpaper is easy to put on and to take off if you feel like having something different after a year or so. There is a variety of designs, textures and patterns for you to choose from that you cannot get with just regular paint. Wallpaper is also better at hiding blemishes from your walls demeanor than paint can.

Where to Get Wall Paper?

There are actually quite a few places for you to look at wallpaper. You can try Wallpapers Galore, which has hundred of selections of different wallpaper for you to choose from. There is also Texas Paint and Wallpaper, there you will find matching paint and wallpaper that goes well together. You can also try your local Sherwin Williams for your up-to-date wallpaper needs.

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