Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Find the best shape to accentuate your features

As some of you may know, there are different kinds of shapes that your face takes on. There is square, oval, round and heart. With each type of face, there might be issues in finding the right pair of sunglasses for the upcoming spring and summer season. No need to fear though, we have a few suggestions on which sunglasses pair up with which face formation.

Square: Having a square face usually means you have bolder features than other face types. Usually if you have a square face, you have a more defined jaw line and a prominent forehead. If you have a square type of face, you will want to try some more unique sunglasses. You can play around with round, oval, semi-rimless, butterfly and cat eye sunglasses. These types of sunglasses will help balance your jawline and not make your sunglasses seem overbearing.

Oval: Oval faces are, just like the name, oval which often means your cheekbones are not as defined, but are higher and cute. You’re forehead and jawline will be about the same width. For an oval face type, try wearing rectangle, upswept and oversized sunglasses are the best sunglass options for you. These kinds of sunglasses will help compliment your high cheekbones. The rectangular sunglasses will specifically help balance an oval faces vertical shape.

Round: Round faces are usually characterized by having more of a soft, contoured and feminine feature. People with a round face types have generally a width and a height that are roughly equivalent to one another. If you are someone with a round face, you might to look for rectangle, wayfarers and geometric shaped sunglasses. With this selection of sunglasses, they will give your face a longer and thinner look.

Heart: A heart-shaped face typically has a broader brow and narrow chin. With a heart-shaped face, your cheek lines and the sides of your face will narrow into your jawline. For your kind of face, you will want to look into frames with thin temples, exaggerated bottoms, round and cat eye sunglasses will all do. These sunglasses will help elongate your looks to even out proportions when you are wearing them.

If you would like to try on a pair of glasses for yourself, you can try the Solstice Sunglass Boutique in the Galleria, along with a number of other department stores with credible sunglass designers.

Amanda is a current student at UTDallas, studying Emerging Media and Communications. She got her Associates in Journalism at Palo Alto College in San Antonio and decided to finish her degree in Dallas. She likes to read, blog, and eating at new places. She enjoys traveling and learning about history and culture.

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