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Founded by the Town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, The Addison Treehouse offers local startups with a resource centered co-working space focused around education, programing and mentorship. PICKUP happens to be among those that originated through the Treehouse, and we are proud to report that the business only continues to thrive!

Only two years ago, PICKUP blazed their own trail as an app-based delivery service specializing in last-mile logistics and instant delivery of big and heavy items. It all started when founder, Brenda Stoner, needed her own furniture delivered, and quickly took notice of the empty pickup trucks all around the Dallas metroplex.

“Our service provides a reliable, convenient way to move anything that fits safely in the back of a pickup truck,” reads the company’s Facebook page, “The best part? We are available anytime you need us!”

Gone are the days of borrowing a friend’s vehicle – now you can employ a Good Guy driver behind the wheel of a PICKUP truck, and all with the click of a button and according to your own schedule.

So how does it all work exactly? Upon downloading their mobile app or visiting their website, customers simply provide the company with a pick up and drop off location, as well as a photo of the item being moved. Once your information has been received by PICKUP, you’ll be provided with an estimated time of arrival, a photo of the truck en route, and the name of the Good Guy eager to assist! And speaking of the drivers, each has been thoroughly vetted and trust verified. In fact, customers can breathe easy because many of the PICKUP drivers are military veterans, off-duty firefighters and public safety officials.

PICKUP is certainly making waves, and they’ve contracted their services to retailers including GR Home Furnishings, Grandeur Design, I.O. Metro, Port & Manor, West Elm, and Pottery Barn.

Whether you’re in a pinch, or simply want to arrange a delivery convenient for you, make sure you call our very own Addison-based PICKUP.

For more information, visit their website at

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