Be Bold With Metallic Nails

Be bold this winter and try metallic nail polish
Be bold this winter and try metallic nail polish

Trends happen every season and some even come back for another season, because they’re just that good. One of these trends is metallic nail polish.

Metallic nails are completely in style for the winter season. Usually, metallic nails bring out a shine and are perfect in in any color, though most like to go with blue, silver, gold and red. The metallic nail polish brings out a very mirrored shine that makes your nails pop out with your outfit. Metallic nails can also be glittery, but smoother and even brighter than regular glittered nails. There are various metallic themed nail polish and ways for you to use and design your metallic nails.

One way to make your nails pop with metallic polish is to make it a french manicure. Grab a matte nail polish and put a coat of that on first. Then grab whichever color of metallic nail polish you want, and out it just at the tip for a nice two-toned effect. You can also try a shattered mirror look. You will want to grab another matte nail polish and put a coat of that on the bottom. You will then grab a crackle metallic nail polish from your local beauty supply store. Then gloss the top for a bright and complimentary worthy nails, that are unique and stylish. One land simple way to make use of your metallic nail polish, is to grab a rainbow metallic nail polish. This nail polish will give your nails a nice and shiny rainbow effect that will look good now and later.

If you are looking for metallic nail polish to call your own, you can grab a couple at your local stores, including Beauty Brands. If you aren’t that talented with a nail polish brush, you can always get your nails done with metallic nail polish at any local nail salon, including Castle Nail Spa.

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1 thought on “Be Bold With Metallic Nails

  1. Last year I thought that metallic nail art is suitable only for winter, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of girls with metallic nails. Two weeks ago I did green metallic nails and went to the beach. My nails looked awesome, they were shiny and lighter than before. I love them

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