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We all want the same thing: nails that look polished and healthy while still showing off your personal style. Many people opt in for manicures to get the perfect nails, but you still have to choose what kind of treatment to get. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of two popular options: Shellac and NexGen.

Shellac Nails Benefits

The nail polish treatment shook up salons everywhere a few years back by marketing itself as a long lasting manicure. You no longer had to worry about chipping the paint or piling on coats, you just had to visit a trained professional, sit under a LED light, and you could walk away with the perfect manicure that would last you up to two weeks.

Shellac Nail Drawbacks

While the treatment sounds like a dream come true, it has proven to have some limitations. One of the largest is that it does not act as a nail strengthener. So if you are concerned about the long-term effects, you may want to consider other options.

NexGen Nail Benefits

A NexGen treatment offers women a natural looking, healthier option for your nails. You can pick out a color, and your technician will locate the powder’s jar and polish it onto your nails. This, along with the topcoat, will leave you with a refined yet shiny finish. Your nails are free to naturally grow, and they will hold their shine throughout the remainder of their life.  Plus, they are brushed with Calcium and Vitamin E, so they will get some extra nutrition.

NexGen Nail Drawbacks

Like shellac nails, you get the best results after making an appointment with a professional. You cannot make repairs at home, so this treatment can become costly. Other than that, this treatment has not caused any major problems since it has become popular. So if you have not tried the NexGen treatment, you may want to visit your local salon, like Castle Nail Spa, to try it out for yourself!

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