Industry Leader CTL Medical Moves to Addison

PICASSO Percutaneous Polyaxial Screws, photo courtesy of CTL Medical Corporation
PICASSO Percutaneous Polyaxial Screws, photo courtesy of CTL Medical Corporation

CTL Medical Corporation is a Corridor-based, medical device manufacturing and service company, and they are a global leader in the manufacturing of devices for spinal surgeries and therapies. The company recently moved their operations to Addison, and we got a chance to learn more about their company, its culture, what the future holds and some of the unique elements that have helped establish them as an industry leader.


Established in 2015 by Daniel Chon, former president & CEO of AccelSPINE, CTL Medical Corporation was formed with the vision of creating a fully integrated, industry leading, global medical device design, development and manufacturing company. With that vision in mind, CTL Medical Corporation assembled a world-class executive team, bringing together some of the industry’s most exceptional talent. That assembly of talent helped the company realize the recent acquisitions of RF Precision Manufacturing, a Dallas-based medical device manufacturer, and AccelSPINE, a nationally recognized medical device developer.

Speaking about the  founding vision of the company, Daniel Chon shared, “We certainly uphold this vision currently, but aren’t so disillusioned to believe that it will remain static. As our organization grows, this vision will continue to evolve. Our desire is to make the greatest impact possible on the lives of those in need of spinal surgical intervention.”


Chon explained that CTL Medical was built around three key principles, “Peoplewe are people just like you, and we treat others as we wish to be treated, building lasting relationships and trusting partnerships with all our clients. Powerwe are an accomplished group of individuals who pride ourselves on delivering quality products, service and innovation. Passionwe genuinely love what we do: empowering and enabling the hands of the medical professionals who heal those in need. These principals have molded our culture and been the foundation of our success.”

What Makes Them Unique

Chon shared how becoming a fully integrated medical device supplier has afforded CTL has several unique identifiers. “We listen to our surgeons, we persevere to understand their need, and we maximize our extensive internal resources to respond to those needs. We maintain a positive attitude, we know we are not perfectbut have the courage to accept that, and move quickly to find a way to make things happen.”

In an industry where patients trust their lives to surgeons, doctors and nurses, we see how much those same surgeons, doctors and nurses are putting their trust in the equipment and tools they use; and why they trust CTL.

The Future

CTL has an internal research and development team of nine engineers, who have more than 65 years of combined industry experience. They are constantly at work developing new spine and pain management technologies. CTL’s in-house manufacturing also allows them to maximize resources, increase quality control and optimize time to market. In other words, they are able to maintain control of just about every aspect of their products, ensuring that the equipment meets their high standards.

CTL Medical recently moved into a new 30,000-square foot facility on Excel Parkway right here in Addison. They chose this location as their centralized headquarters because of Addison’s unique reach to all parts of the Metroplex and North Texas. As the only fully integrated spine device, design, manufacturing and sales company in Addison, CTL Medical hopes to expand their business and continue successful and mutually beneficial relationships with both the Town of Addison and the health care industry they serve.

For more information on CTL Medical, visit their website.

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